Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification Verification> Assessor’s Report

Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC), Redmond, Washington United States Assessor's Report of Certification

To the Management of Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC):

Congratulations on your certification.

We are pleased to report Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC)'s successful achievement of the Verizon Cybertrust Security Enterprise Certification for the Redmond, Washington United States location. This certification is valid until the end of Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC)'s program agreement with Verizon Business.

By achieving this certification through Verizon Security Management Program, Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC) can now provide assurance to its customers, partners, auditors/regulators and insurance companies that its information security controls, policies and procedures have been examined, measured and validated by an industry leader against a stringent set of security requirements. Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC)'s adherence to these standards is re-evaluated by Verizon Business on an ongoing, programmatic basis.

Specifically, the achievement of the Verizon Cybertrust Security Certified Enterprise certification demonstrates that Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC) has met or exceeded security requirements in five critical control areas (policy, human, physical, device, network).

Requirements include:

  • Documentation and implementation of information security policies and standards.
  • Implementation of appropriate security controls.
  • Mitigation of high-severity vulnerabilities on critical systems in the external, DMZ and LAN environments.
  • Conservative configuration of wireless access points.
  • Implementation of default deny and appropriate e-mail filtering for external perimeter.
  • Procedure to address anomalies in devices, wireless and analog phone lines.
  • Implementation of current antivirus signatures and password protected terminals

As a Verizon Cybertrust Security Certified organization, Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC) is permitted to display the Verizon Cybertrust Security Certified Enterprise seal. The seal assures customers and partners that Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC) is committed to proactively addressing security threats.

Control validation activities associated with the program will be repeated during Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC)'s engagement with Verizon Business to verify its ongoing compliance. Liberty Mutual - Redmond (RDC)'s failure to comply with certification standards within the required timeframe will result in decertification and immediate revocation of permission to use or display the Verizon Cybertrust Security Certified Enterprise seal.