Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification Verification> Certification Meaning

Verizon Cybertrust Security CertificationsYour Assurance of a Proactive Security Program

The Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification seal symbolizes that this organization's security controls have been assessed and validated by an industry leader in information security.

Being Verizon Cybertrust Security Certified is a critical competitive differentiator, as it demonstrates to customers, partners, vendors and the public that information security is a top priority for this organization. The Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification also provides immediate credibility of this organization's ongoing security management efforts.

Does Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification Guarantee a Security Breach Will Never Occur?

Verizon Business and its customers realize that impenetrable security can never be attained. While Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification does not guarantee that a security event will never happen, it does provide assurance that this organization has taken comprehensive and ongoing steps toward proactively managing security threats.

The Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification Process

The Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification provides a process for ongoing risk management and mitigation, and enables organizations to obtain a thorough yet practical level of security.

The Process

  • Identify: Verizon Business discovers, identifies and classifies customer assets and resources, then builds a comprehensive risk-based inventory of critical information assets including critical data, devices, networks, users and physical locations.
  • Assess: Based on the customer's critical asset inventory, Verizon Business conducts a series of external (remote) and internal (on-site) security assessments to determine relevant risk. For a list of assessments, click here.
  • Secure: Verizon Business provides a cost-effective plan for protecting critical systems, networks, and other assets are efficiently configured to protect against the most critical threats. Once an organization applies recommended controls and complies with Verizon Business standards, the organization receives Verizon Cybertrust Security Certification. For a list of policies validated, click here.
  • Manage: Verizon Business continues to monitor for compliance with the security program and dynamically addresses emerging threats before they become risks.